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November 12, 2018
Lafayette, CO
The facilities were complete and the staff very helpful, nice view as well
November 11, 2018
Everyone was very supportive and kind and the techniques are simple and very effective
November 9, 2018
Avita Yoga at Yoga Loft has been the single best "therapy" for my longstanding, debilitating restrictions. Three years ago I began to have unrelenting neck and upper back pain and range of motion limitation, likely the culmination of a lifetime of poor posture, many injuries from an active lifestyle, and stresses of recent events. I sought help from numerous health professionals to little avail. Even my training as a physical therapist was not sufficient to address my own issue, which I would characterize as a myofascial pain syndrome. A yoga dropout several times over in the past, I began practicing what is now called Avita Yoga on the recommendation of a friend. She promised me it would be a kind of yoga I could do and might help me. In the beginning, I found it to be a great meditation for my mind with postures I could actually assume, which revealed to me my many restrictions. I really had much more than a neck or upper back problem, which I had suspected. I like that some of the instructors either come to Avita much the way I did- with longstanding, painful restrictions, or with a background in other types of bodywork. Jeff and his empathic, knowledgeable stable of Avita teachers are truly invested in helping people learn to listen to their own bodies and have patience with their recoveries. I have made great progress in my "unwinding" over the past year in returning to more pain-free, graceful living, both through the postural body work and meditative mind work. It takes time to recover, but dedication to the practice has not been a difficult decision for me because of my progress and how it makes me feel. It is simply the best part of my day, which lingers. We all deserve the gifts of inner awareness and grace (especially the "broken"), and my yoga practice, which began at Yoga Loft has made ME aware of that. I also want to give a shout out to the wonderful, cheery greeters. You guys set the tone and help make my day! Peace and Gratitude, [NAME REMOVED]