2018 Boulder County Gold Best Yoga Studio

Voted 2018 Boulder County Gold Best Yoga Studio First Place

Thank you Boulder and thank you to our wonderful Yoga Loft community. We are grateful for being voted 2018 Boulder County Gold Best Yoga Studio.

Since opening in August of 2012, Lori and I have sought to create a space where people of all ages and body types feel welcome. We have strived to make Yoga Loft a place of peace where anyone can find a practice that works for them. We know we can’t be everything to everybody, but we never stop trying. We certainly could not do it without our heartfelt teachers, cleaners and front desk crew.

Jeff Bailey, thank you for selecting Yoga Loft as Boulder's Best Yoga StudioYoga is everything to me and so, yoga has brought me everything. Yoga joins, not necessarily in form, but in heart and mind. The best yoga is always the one that brings you peace. No matter where you practice, practice often. When you heal, you heal for all.

Jeff Bailey