Aleah Sommers

Aleah Sommers

Experience and Background:

After practicing and studying yoga in all sorts of places, including Utah, Texas, New Zealand, India, Pennsylvania, and Panama (where she lived in a remote indigenous village for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer), Aleah has been teaching yoga in Boulder since 2012. She is also currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado working on a PhD in civil engineering, with research on glaciers and ice sheets, and spends quality chunks of time in the mountains, running trails, skiing bumps and trees, backpacking, and simply being.

Personal Philosophy:

Aleah practices yoga to cultivate clarity – in the body, in the mind, in everything we experience – that sense of fully being, even in the midst of all the doing.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Aleah Sommers?

Inspired by her consistent personal practice (since 2003) that defines the way she carries herself and connects with the world, she teaches from simple to complex yoga with a focus on the subtle details and full embodiment of each shape.

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