Amanda Blain


Amanda Blain Experience and Background:

Amanda discovered yoga amid a sudden shift in consciousness that she experienced in her twenties. One day she looked around her cushy Chicago condo and realized that the attainment of worldly aspirations was simply not enough to ease the emptiness that she felt aching within. Something had to change, but she didn’t know what. One thing was certain: her insatiable quest for something more could not be satisfied by the outside world. It was time to turn inward: to the mind, to the heart, and to the body. Life would never be the same.

Through the eight limbs of yoga, Amanda continues to make discoveries from the infinite well of new physical sensations, evolving awareness, and an ever-opening heart.
A natural born teacher, she remembers being five years old, teaching lessons on a chalkboard (which hung in her bedroom) to a classroom full of stuffed animal students. Since her earliest memories, her greatest joy has been the excitement of learning something new, embodying that knowledge and wisdom, and then sharing that gift with others.

Amanda has passed on the transformative power of yogic philosophy to young members of her Peace Corps host community in rural Limpopo, South Africa. She has collaborated with award winning social development pioneers, mind-body-spirit researchers, and authors David Patient and Neil Orr. She recently completed a 700-hour experiential therapy program for subconscious reprogramming and psycho-emotional healing, led by the sage known as Thotme. She has completed a 200-Hour yoga teacher training in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Tantric Hatha/Vinyasa from Sadhana West Yoga led by Katherine Moore.

Amanda Blain is also a freelance writer and vlogger who seeks to illuminate the human condition, empower through vulnerability, and inspire connection with the higher self.

Personal Philosophy:

By illuminating the human condition and humbling ourselves to our raw and vulnerable states, we gain the ability to clearly discern our contractions and expansions. From this space, we can weed what no longer serves us, we can reduce inner and outer judgment, and we can connect with the higher self – the Self which feels, senses, and knows its connection to all. The eight-limb path of yoga can take us there.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Amanda Blain?

We enter the classroom to evolve: to receive and heed the messages of the mind, heart, and body. The classroom is a safe place for people of all backgrounds and experience levels to explore themselves and to cultivate balance and harmony. As we create experiences on the mat, students gain personal development tools that they can carry off of the mat. Within each contemplative class, we emphasize alignment, breath, and energetic awareness. Modifications are inviting to beginners and challenging for advanced students. Expect to experiment with pranayama, mudra, meditation, and to play with the spirit of your inner child.

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