Amanda Blain


Amanda Blain Experience and Background:

I teach to share and evolve with you in the fun, wild, and sometimes messy journey of life.
The yogic path can help us lift the veil of the conditioned mind, to step outside of comfort zones and defense mechanisms, to walk through fears, to dissolve judgment, to love and serve ourselves, and to thereby love and serve the collective.

I have been a mentor, an advisor, a lobbyist, a humanitarian, and a teacher. But beyond all of these roles, I am a being, much like you, who experiences the waves of human emotion. I have been humbled, broken, and built up again, just like you.

My background includes a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies/Health Care Policy, Peace Corps volunteer experience in community leadership and resource development, over 2000 hours of experiential training in holistic and energetic healing, with emphases on the subconscious mind and psycho-emotional healing, and the completion of 200-Hour yoga teacher training in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Tantric Hatha/Vinyasa from Sadhana West Yoga.

I have additional hours of training in Primal Yoga, a method of movement focused on unlearning rigid and stressful patterns, balancing brain activity, and finding joy and playfulness through movement. Also a lover and believer in the wisdom of Avita Yoga, I weave these concepts into all of my classes and will be attending the next teacher training at Yoga Loft.

Personal Philosophy:

By taking responsibility for our human condition and finding empowerment through vulnerability, we can learn to channel our higher selves.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Amanda Blain?

Come to my class to feel safe, seen, and cared for. Come to feel the aliveness of your inner energy, to laugh and play within your physical form. Come to become aware of your inner restrictions (whether in mind, emotions, or body), and to dissolve what inhibits your authentic expression. Come to class to seed, water, and watch yourself grow. All levels are welcome as we challenge ourselves, love ourselves, and grow together.

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