Amanda Botur

Amanda Botur

Experience and Background:

Amanda is a dynamic healer and teacher creating a space for people to find freedom and resonance in their bodies and lives. She is trained as a yoga instructor, musician, classical homeopath and acupuncturist. Amanda uses an integrative approach combining wisdom, knowledge, kindness, and her unique ability to connect with people’s essence to provide students a transformative healing experience. Amanda’s gentle use of sacred Kirtan in her practice invites a deeper level of devotion and healing to her unique approach.

Personal Philosophy:

Embracing several different schools and traditions, Amanda has studied Yoga in India and in the U.S. Her teaching style is similar to the Tantric school and the teachings of Shiva Rea, Chris Tomkins, Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton and the idea of “living your yoga”. She has completed over 500 hours of teacher trainings mostly with her root teacher Shiva Rea but has been privileged to study with many other influential teachers, having her first introduction to yoga by Erich Schiffmann when she was 19.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Amanda Botur?

Amanda approaches her work knowing that each body has it’s own unique vibration, which is then woven into all beings everywhere. Her gentle and loving guidance, passion for teaching and exploration of the human potential stirs the heart, whether through movement, sound, voice, or touch. Amanda likes to share her knowledge and will often sing or chant to close her classes with the aide of harmonium or guitar. She is a featured teacher on YogaToday, and hosts workshops and kirtans internationally. Despite all this, her most important work is being mama to three children, who continue to reveal to her the true meaning of living love.