Avita Yoga – Yoga for a Lifetime

I am more excited than ever to be teaching Avita Yoga.  Working with my husband Jeff Bailey along with his mentor Luciana Ross has been fulfilling to say the least.   The benefits of this practice are so lovely.  I love creating a space where we first calm the nervous system and allow people the space to drop into a meditation.  With Avita Yoga we are never aggressive and we are completely safe.  Because of this meditative atmosphere with profound posturing to get deep into the joints and substructure of the body, we gently focus the mind on one thing:  being here now to heal now. 

Yoga Loft home of Avita Yoga

A nervous system that is alarmed and wired cannot heal.  In Avita Yoga we gently and continuously remind the mind and body to calm so it can heal, and they must heal together.  It’s not easy finding the words to describe something so experiential at the combined level of mind and body—which why we rarely try. Instead we hand people a free pass and hope they give Avita a try.

Avita Yoga was founded by Jeff Bailey.

Jeff is my husband, friend and colleague.  We are on a path to heal together because we truly all heal together, not alone.  We love our yoga, we love our students and we love our community.  Our compassionate and kind Avita teachers are learning to understand the body and the mind along with us.  Where other teachers say there is no need to know anatomy – we strongly disagree. As a teacher, it is important to know and understand how the body functions.

Thank you for taking an Avita class from one of us.  We love that Avita is for anyone of any age interested in its mending and mobilizing qualities, not to mention the peace-of-mind that comes through the practice and into your life.

As a dentist helping people to heal for thirty years, I can honestly say there is nothing like Avita Yoga.  I have tried almost every kind of healing modality.  Avita is my yoga for a lifetime.  I believe it might be yours too.

Join me

I would love to be your teacher and introduce you to Avita Yoga.  You can find me at our Gunbarrel location on Fridays and Sundays. Come and see why Yoga Loft – Home of Avita Yoga was named Best of Boulder 2018!

Please join me,