Bailee Mulholland

Bailee Mulholland - YogaLoftBoulder Instructor

Experience and Background:

I started practicing yoga through the yoga club that met once a week in the morning while in high school. I loved the time I got to spend dropping into my practice and uniting breath and movement, mind and body. I practiced casually throughout high school, taking classes at the gym and at school. When I first got to college, I took a break from yoga to focus on school and running, but realized my body was starting to break down from long miles on the trails. I re-discovered my love for yoga while I was too injured to run, and started to build a more serious yoga practice. I completed the Hot 200 hour teacher training and Power 200 hour training through Corepower and started teaching at the CU Rec Center. I hope to improve my teaching and continue to grow and learn alongside my students.

Personal Philosophy:

I think it’s important to know your limits, understand where you come from, and then constantly work towards growth. I like to remember where I started, but then realize how much I have changed (in my yoga practice and in other areas of my life) and also how much more I might be capable of.

What might a student experience in class with Bailee Mulholland?

I like to start out slow, work towards intensity and build a little bit of inner heat. After putting in the work, the final savasana feels even better.

Connect with Bailee: Instagram | web: ThisBouldLife