Yoga Studio in Boulder, CO

Yoga Loft is a place where you can nourish your body and mind while enjoying the healing and uplifting elements of your favorite yoga classes. If you currently have a yoga practice you know why yoga is much more than great exercise. You also know the value of having a supportive studio that adds meaning and depth to your practice. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, we invite you try a few yoga classes and see why so many call Yoga Loft home!

Yoga Loft is an upper level yoga studio in Boulder, CO with amazing views of the Flatiron Mountain’s to the west. Our yoga classes celebrate the diversity of our yoga teachers and students. Whether your goal is increased flexibility, strength, balance, or peace of mind, our aim is to help you meet your goals by providing a style and pace of yoga for every body.

Yoga Loft instructors provide individual attention and guidance to help foster growth and personal change in supportive group classes. While private yoga lessons are available, many find the group dynamic particularly lively and fun.

Jeff and LoriYoga Loft Owners Dr. Lori Kemmet, & Jeff Bailey