About Yoga Loft

About Yoga Loft

Yoga Loft was inspired by the need for a yoga practice that is truly accessible to all. While modern yoga is often used as a way to stay fit, the over-arching philosophy at Yoga Loft is twofold: Physically, yoga is a way to improve health and restore a sense of youth to the body, and spiritually it includes the gentle removal of the inner obstacles that shroud an ever-available sense of fulfillment, joy and peace.

Fitness and health are easily perceived to be one in the same, but one can be extremely fit (usually through one particular activity) at the expense of optimal health. Yoga is a way to achieve health and mobility so that we can do all the other things we love with more joy, mobility and peace. Ask yourself, “In any given week, what do I do to remove the restrictions and obstacles in my body and mind?” Most of us carry on through life getting more restricted in body and mind, expecting that one day there will be someone or something that will take care of us. Others believe that day will never come.

Mental and spiritual health is often pursued by an attempt to correct people and things outside of ourselves. We expect and want something external to change so that now “I” can be happy. Yoga suggests that there is a state of mind that is happy and whole and that we can access it (and be guided by it), not by changing our behavior, but by identifying the obstacles in mind and “restricting” them by forgiving them or choosing against them.

Start now. Let us help you find the right class. We pride ourselves on offering yoga that works for every body. If you are new to yoga, don’t wander into any class, email us at info@yogaloftboulder.com and tell us your goals. We’ll help you get off on the right foot.

As owners, operating Yoga Loft is part of our yoga. Just like you, we share our strengths and gently challenge our limitations on and off the yoga mat. This is how we grow! This is how we invite joy into our lives…and of course, joys are made brighter when they are shared. Come grow with us!

Thank you and namaste,

Jeff Bailey and Lori Kemmet