Kaiut Yoga

Kaiut Yoga

What Kaiut Yoga Offers

Kaiut Yoga is designed to reverse the wearying effects of life’s patterns, injury and aging. Practiced mostly on the floor, it utilizes both passive and active movements that target the tissues and joints where trauma is deceptively hidden. Regardless of age or body type, Kaiut Yoga is a practice that benefits every body. Developed by Francisco Kaiut, this calm, healing approach to yoga confronts the patterns and blockages that bring pain and limit mobility. How does it do this? By sticking to the basic tenants of health. It is a method that increases circulation, restores mobility, reduces pain, and improves the flow of energy through the body—all in a calm, sensible manner that brings more peace into one’s daily life.

Life Leaves Patterns in the Body

What do you do, in any given week, to unwind the effects of life on your body and mind? Regardless of your profession, the day to day activities of life have a cumulative effect. It doesn’t matter if you drive a truck, sit at a desk, run marathons or climb mountains. Daily activities create stubborn, hidden patterns in the body that eventually catch up to us with often, debilitating effects. Add any degree of injury or trauma to the equation, and the effects are compounded.

We have a name for this. It’s called life. The good news is that there is a way to reverse the effects of aging, and “life” on the body and mind. Kaiut Yoga works! It is a method that allows you to age gracefully while doing all the things you love with more freedom and mobility.

A Way to Age Gracefully

Until now, most therapeutic modalities focus primarily on muscles. Kaiut Yoga is the first therapeutic system to focus on joint health and blood circulation while meeting each individual person right where they are on their path to better health. It works well for those with knee, hip, ankle and shoulder problems. It works well for those avoiding or recovering from joint replacements. But why wait? By conditioning the tissues in and around the joints, Kaiut Yoga works well for nearly anyone wanting to improve or maintain their health.

A Few Words from Founder, Francisco Kaiut

“Once your body becomes balanced through the practice of Yoga, you find yourself escaping from a lifetime of pain, discomfort and fatigue. Your mind also becomes balanced, open and able to reflect about your condition of life.” –Francisco Kaiut

Francisco Kaiut, the founder of Kaiut Yoga in Brazil, has developed a unique teaching method through which he reaches each person’s individual needs using carefully crafted sequences of new and traditional yoga poses.

Francisco believes that for yoga to be practiced without injury, it must be taught with the utmost care and individual attention, subtly tailoring each sequence for every student.

Each sequence comes from energetic, biomechanical and physiological principles individually designed for each student.

Kaiut Method consists of prolonged, sustained movements, poses drawn in part from Hatha Yoga and simultaneously reflecting modern lines of natural health therapy. The development of each pose focuses on the student eliminating physical and mental blockages and instead creating conditions for developing the body’s potential energy. Results often can be seen and felt within the first weeks of classes. Check out our Kaiut Yoga schedule and experience it for yourself.

Why a Therapeutic Approach?

As unpleasant as it sounds, from the moment our bodies stop growing, we start to die. Interestingly, while the mind improves over the years, at the same time the body stiffens, bends and begins to freeze imperceptibly at each joint.

Maybe it’s a sciatica here or a sore back the next year and perhaps a stiff neck every winter. Suddenly, we are beset by the crisis of having “grown old,” of becoming “stiff.” I have seen men and women literally destroy the body inside and out so that they can feel young and vigorous again, but this does not mean they will have more time on this Earth.

Kaiut Yoga offers the possibility to identify that daily aging and offset its affects through practice.