Starting Yoga?

New to Yoga?

Are you considering your first yoga class? We understand the trepidation. It’s easy to perceive yoga as a “sport” that only the flexible are able to accomplish. Yoga is not a sport. While it can be great exercise, it is an activity that makes every other aspect of your life better. Whether you are athletic or not, yoga at Yoga Loft is designed to enhance your life by increasing mobility and slowing the aging process. If you are new to yoga, we recommend Yin Yoga or Kaiut Yoga. Both are available to any body type, age or degree of flexibility. We will take good care of you. It’s our job to help you feel comfortable. After all, we were all new to yoga at some point.

Consistency is the key. Dedicate 2 to 3 hours hours per week to your practice and you will experience firsthand the many benefits of yoga. You will enjoy better posture, increased range of motion, and deeper more-expansive breathing all of which create a foundation for more joy and inner peace. Come practice with us and feel your body come alive!

Many people come to yoga to alleviate aches and pains, while others simply wish to support a healthier lifestyle or perhaps lose weight. Whatever the reason, all are rewarded for their efforts. With regular practice and supportive teachers, discomfort diminishes and life improves! Regardless of your “level” of practice, our team of amazing yoga instructors will make sure you get the personal attention you need. If you are new to Yoga Loft, sign up for 30 days for for just $30 and find out what yoga will do for you!

Email us here if you have questions or if we can help you find the right classes to begin.