It is through Yoga Loft that Boulder, Colorado has become the hub of Kaiut Yoga in North America. Kaiut Yoga is taking root in the USA. When something works, people are drawn to it and Kaiut Yoga is a method that works—for every body. Anyone willing to try will soon discover that it unwinds painful patterns created over time and helps heal even the deepest problems and injuries. It brings comfort, ease and a sense of youth to people of all ages and abilities.

In years past, the teacher training stretched over a period of three years. Some students dropped out over time while new ones came in. Francisco taught the first 100 sequences in thirds with no firm sense of progression, but Yoga Loft will host the first progressive yearlong Kaiut Yoga teacher training north of the equator! The method will be conveyed in a way that allows students to build upon, practice and integrate the material all within the same cohesive group. The training will be an intimate, healing experience and the knowledge gained will be a powerful “box of tools” you will carry with you the rest of your life.

A Brief History
Francisco Kaiut, has been sharing, teaching and growing this method for nearly two decades in Brazil. Some 10 years ago, he was invited to teach at the Yoga Tree in Hotchkiss, Colorado, one of the states smallest, most unexpected places for a practice like this to take root. But root and grow it did and perhaps it was the perfect place to test the method. If farmers, ranchers, miners and hippies would come “out of the woodwork” to try this method and feel better, then it would surely appeal to people anywhere else.

Those people lucky enough to learn about the Kaiut Yoga Method began to flock to Hotchkiss once or twice a year to practice with the founder. They learned through intense one and a half hour classes (and longer workshops) and oftentimes practiced two or three times a day! Yes, it seems like a lot, but once acclimated to Kaiut Yoga, most bodies thrive on more of it.

Francisco taught intensively because he had to. He wanted students to understand the method well enough to continue their practice while he was away in Brazil. He taught longer classes to leave a strong impression of the work on their bodies and minds. It worked and soon he was invited to teach in Boulder, CO. He began teaching in the basement of a large church on Spruce Street, which is where I was lucky enough to
find him in January 2014. I walked into the room and was amazed to see some 40 yoga mats prearranged on the floor. Most of the mats were taken, but Francisco greeted me and gently introduced me to a practice that would soon restore the bodily youth I desired.

Since then, I have practiced nearly every day for 3 years and I am amazed at the improvement I continue to have in my body. In a recent phone call, Francisco shared a story from one of his most practiced students—a man who is now 82 years old but began the practice when he was 62. He told Francisco that if it were not for looking in the mirror each day, he would think he was in his 30’s or 40’s. This is the only practice I know of that can reverse the effects of aging, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried most of them.

Come and practice with us! In addition to other  forms of yoga, we offer
over 25 Kaiut Yoga classes per week at Yoga Loft. But if you want the experience of a lifetime, consider the Kaiut Yoga teacher training that begins in late July. Most who take the training have no intention to teach—they only want the knowledge and the keys to the practice, 100 prewritten sequences that will serve anyone for a lifetime of health! It does require a commitment in time, but this is a practice that will save you time (and money) down the road. Consider the cost of lost health
and mobility. Consider the cost of the countless ways we try to fix ourselves often to no avail. Consider the cost of a joint replacement. Wouldn’t you rather keep the one you have? The time and money you dedicate to this practice is not really a cost at all. It’s an investment in yourself that pays big dividends over time. Kaiut yoga Boulder is a sustainable practice that will serve you for a lifetime, you just have to want a better way.

Contact us to learn more and come to Yoga Loft to sample some classes. Regardless of your condition, our trained teachers are eager to know your story so that we can best accommodate you in class. We’ll even arrange a private session for you, but the magic happens in the classrooms. Give it a try and you will feel the difference it makes.

Thank you and Namaste,
Jeff Bailey
Kaiut Yoga Teacher
Owner Yoga Loft

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