Brittany Risse

Brittany Risse - Yoga Loft Boulder Instructor

Experience and Background:

Brittany started her yoga practice in 2009 working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Austin, Tx. She began teaching in Boulder, CO after completing her training in Prana Vinyasa in 2013. Diving deeper into knowledge of mind and body, she then completed trainings in Vedic Meditation, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Thai Massage, and Herbalism.

Personal Philosophy:

“Yoga doesn’t just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees” B.K.S. Iyengar

The past few years she has been refining her strengths as a teacher, deepening her own personal practice, and planting seeds as an entrepreneur in her very own herbal skincare business. Colorado has developed her passion for nature which had lead her to gardening, camping, and hiking. Currently, Brittany lives in Coal Creek Canyon of the Rocky Mountains with her husband, Dan & their fur babies. There, they are patiently & creatively remodeling their new home to be a sacred space of health, happiness, & comfort for the years to come.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Brittany Risse?

Asana is the foundation of her self care, and by teaching, she helps others discover the subtle ways yoga can heal through aligned movement & awareness. She hopes that with dedication & the right intention, that yoga will find its way into everything we do. Brittany’s instruction includes creative sequencing, thoughtful cueing and guidance.

Connect with Brittany Risse on the web:

Brittany Risse – Loves Lemons | Instagram