It’s time to celebrate! Color is returning to our environment as trees fill out their canopy. Flowers are blooming, and grass is once again coming to life. Youngsters and fellow classmates are graduating into the next grade…or the next chapter of life. As you celebrate the many blessings of this season, don’t forget to include yoga.

Next time you step onto your mat, set an intention to celebrate your body! Let go of judgment and competition (both inner and outer) and simply appreciate that you have invited the gift of yoga into your life. Celebrate the movement. Celebrate the strength and flexibility that you have attained. Celebrate your growth! No one has to know but you. With a gentle inner smile, use all outer achievements (along with any perceived shortcomings) to deepen your practice from the inside. This is the yoga we all share in spirit. For this, we can all truly celebrate…from the inside out!