Christina Pulaski

Christina Pulaski - Yoga Loft Boulder Avita Yoga™ Teacher

Christina Pulaski Experience and Background:

I found my way into an Avita class after exploring a variety of yoga styles. Struggling with a nagging shoulder injury, I immediately fell in love with the regenerative qualities of Avita. I found it to be both meditative and physically challenging. The 200-hour teacher training with Jeff Bailey has been a life-changing experience. I love my new role as an Avita teacher at Yoga Loft!

Personal Philosophy:

I believe that people are capable of accomplishing phenomenal things. My desire is to bring out the best in my students, allowing them to overcome limitations and become the best versions of themselves.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Christina Pulaski?

My classes provide an experience that calms the nervous system while reclaiming mobility in the body. Students will develop a practice of identifying restrictions in the body and working through them. They can expect a guided inquiry into their bodies, hearts and minds which can unravel patterns and open doors for new ways of moving in the world.

Classes that Christina Teaches

Avita Yoga™ Monday – Wednesday – Friday 5:45 PM