Dana Cicciarelli

Dana Cicciarelli, instructor at Yoga Loft Boulder

Dana Cicciarelli Experience and Background:

My name is Dana, and I love teaching yoga.

My journey as a yoga teacher began after a month-long training emersion in Costa Rica. Returning home, I felt the impact of yoga on my body and sole and immediately began sharing it with others. Seeing yoga change their mood and their life as it did mine, is rewarding beyond measure.

I have worked with students of different ages, body types and degrees of experience. I’ve worked with special needs children with hearing and sight ailments. And for good measure, I spent the summer of 2019 teaching internationally at a beach front resort in Costa Rica. Sharing the gifts of yoga in this setting was a blessing and challenge, as I was working with people from all over the world which presented a language barrier that challenged me to use the art of Yoga as a universal language, which I truly believe it is.

In September 2019 I completed my Trauma Informed Yoga Training, as well as completed my Pre Natal Yoga teaching certification in May 2020. I love continuing my education in the world of yoga as well as my own personal practice to better serve others as well as myself.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Dana?

I know that yoga looks different in each practice, and I don’t assume every body can do every shape, so I teach in a style where everyone feels successful. My goal is for students to feel the safe challenge and yet make the practice available to all.

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