Easter Message from Jeff Bailey

Easter Message from Jeff Bailey 2020

It’s Easter…already. What does it mean to you? Think back to your childhood. What worked about it? What didn’t?

As children, we want the truth. Our “truth barometer,” not yet tarnished by time, is finely tuned in our youth. We turn to our elders and ask…Why is the sky blue? Why does the easter bunny bring eggs? Why eggs and chocolate?

At some point we were taught the historical aspect of the holiday. But if the ego is so good at making stuff up, how much of history can we trust? Heck, even today, world leaders are trying to rewrite current history to leave a better impression of their legacy. This is how the collective ego thought system operates. It uses anything and everything to maintain the illusion of separation: confusion, difference, attack, judgement, condemnation, fear, guilt, specialness, attraction, protection, etc. In short, anything that objectifies and upholds one’s sense of special, separate self.

How about we use the symbolism of Easter to heal and consider healthy more symbolic perspective on the holiday?

Let’s slip past a historical perspective (after all the past has nothing to do with the present) and let go of the story that makes any historical figure more special or gifted than you! But if you have a beloved figure (like Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Mohammed) consider the love and joy and lightness that they wanted for you…and all of us. To not take the world so seriously.

This is the resurrection that is available to all of us! Slip past the grievances, the judgements and specialness. We’re all the same in spirit.

Let every day be a day of resurrection where we join with the love and light we share as one.

Let your body be a vehicle that moves you in spirit toward wholeness and certainty.

Let your fears be washed away as you teach yourself – love.

Learn that you were created loving as a creation of Love—a love that will ultimately prevail over fear and cruelty in all the forms it seems to take.

Namaste, Jeff

The above is taken from the meditation with Jeff Bailey at the end of the Easter Avita Yoga Live Stream Class. Below is the link to access that class.