Emily Drew

Emily Drew - Vinyasa Yoga Instructor for Yoga Loft
Experience and Background

Emily Drew is a Vinyasa instructor of 8 years as well as a Manager at Yoga Loft. After practicing power yoga for many years, Emily became frustrated with chronic pain and the fast pace of the practice which led to a lack of proper breathing. Seeking more depth and healing, she began learning from yoga therapists as well as training under Amy Ippoliti, who gave her the tools for a pain-free and ultimately stronger, deeper practice. She now passionately shares these game-changing principles with her students.

Personal Philosophy

Her teaching style is slow and deliberate, bringing her students deeper into their bodies and breath. Her philosophy is “slower is stronger.”

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Emily Drew?

Come to her class to learn how to move through your practice, and life, with more steady grace. While she teaches safe, strong alignment, she also takes her students beyond the asana (posture) and into the energetic and philosophical parts of the practice.

Emily is also a singer-songwriter and Reiki practitioner. Catch her Sunday morning (Gunbarrel) or Friday evening (South Boulder) class and get treated to a soothing live music savasana!

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