Featured Instructor: Alison Litchfield

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Alison Litchfield Vinyasa instructor, Teacher Training instructorMeet Alison Litchfield

What was your first experience with yoga?

My very first experience with yoga was when I was finishing college in Missoula, Montana. Just months after my mother had passed away, a good friend suggested I try yoga with her. It was at the local gym. I could barely touch my toes but I felt like I found a ground to stand on. That was it!!!

In what unexpected way has yoga affected your life or brought about change?

Yoga has had such a huge impact on my life. I first came to yoga after experiencing great loss. It gave me a sense of ground and home. Yoga has taught me that life has both beauty and challenges and how to accept my imperfections and keep finding the courage inside to grow and serve.

What inspires you to share the practice of yoga with others?

When I was a kid I was super shy. Any time I had to speak in front of others I would blush and it was hard to find my voice. Teaching yoga was a place where I could naturally share this passion I had about the body. I  think there is something for everyone in yoga and I love seeing people wake up.

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