Featured Instructor: Helen Petty

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Meet Helen Petty

What was your first experience with yoga?

Growing up, yoga was something that I was aware of as a ‘mom thing’ — as most of my female adult relatives practiced yoga. As a 15 year old, I reluctantly accompanied a friend to a class after school. Little did I know that this would inspire an amazing personal journey into the practice.

In what unexpected way has yoga affected your life or brought about change?

My favorite definition of yoga is “present moment awareness.” Bringing awareness to all aspects of life, whether it is holding a pose for longer than expected, having a conversation with a loved one, or going on a hike — is a positive change I attribute to my yoga practice.

What inspires you to share the practice of yoga with others?

As an environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast, I am inspired by Mama Nature to reconnect others with the joy that the outdoors brings to life. I view sustainability of the planet, body, and mind as intertwined — and look for ways to incorporate all three into a physical yoga practice.

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