Featured Instructor: Miranda Viorst

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Meet Miranda Viorst

Miranda Viorst Featured Instructor at Yoga Loft BoulderWhat was your first experience with yoga?

My first experience with yoga was in utero — no, seriously — ask my mother. My mother Hyla Viorst tells the story of being in a Vinyasa yoga class when she felt her baby (little Miranda) kick for the very first time.

In what unexpected way has yoga affected your life or brought about change?


My yoga practice has changed my brain. I’m amazed that over the last decade of practice, I’ve become able to be calm and welcoming to experiences that others around me regard as highly stressful and anxiety inducing. In those anxiety-free moments, I turn to my friends and say, “the yoga’s working.”

What inspires you to share the practice of yoga with others?

The practice of yoga has filled my life with a sense of freedom and possibility. From my strength, mobility and coordination to my emotional stability and improved brain chemistry, I’m thrilled to share with you a practice that makes the impossible possible.

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