Gratitude for Yoga Loft Live Stream and On Demand Options

Students express gratitude for Yoga Loft live stream and on demand options and share with us on a regular basis. Thank you and namaste.

We hope to include everyone’s timing with our on demand Avita Onlinepractice wherever you are. For some students they prefer to attend a live stream class at specified times with the option to practice these recorded classes when they prefer.

See how people are responding:

Dear Jeff,
This online practice is saving my body and soul. I took your classes when I lived in Boulder, and integrated them into my daily practice. But now, as a nurse, the suffering of this time, has been overwhelming, and just like in the studio, your voice reaches me and says “it’s ok to feel restless and racing, just try to settle in.” Sometimes I cannot sustain an hour, but whatever I can do, feels like a gift. I cannot thank you enough. I truly feel like your voice and the wisdom of these shapes are keeping my immunity and heart going. Sometimes with the release of different shapes, the tears flow, but calmly, restoratively. Making me think I will get through this with light still in my eyes. Namaste, Julie

I was excited to start Avita OnLine back in the Fall when it first launched and did my classes diligently … but after transferring over to the newer version, I got a bit lazy … and drifted away from the practice.  As you mentioned in your talk on the Yoga Loft website … there are silver linings and hidden gifts to be found during this difficult and unprecedented time! For me, getting back to my Avita OnLine has been one of them!!  Avita OnLine has become one of the mainstays of my self-care routine!!  Today, I also did the Stimulate Your Immune System class!  Doing the work, no matter where my head is when I first put my legs up on the wall, shifts my brain along with my body to a greater feeling of well-being.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  I sure do hope I will be joining you all with my feet up on the wall in person again this August!  For now, I’ll join you in spirit.  ~ Lisa. Miami

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Jeff, just a quick note to let you know how important your Avita has been to us. It has created a sense of normalcy in our lives. We continue to “attend” 3 days a week, just like before CV-19. We never miss.
Thank you and Namaste. Lucy & Roger

Thanks expressed in mere words are not adequate for the gratitude I have now experienced after three sessions of Avita Yoga.

To learn the methods by attending your classes, slowing down the mind and body to truly listen all the way down from the mind through the muscles, nerves and bones… all this is life changing.

When Jim and I spoke the day before yesterday’s class he said something to the effect of looking forward to learning the methods (positions) of various movements. On the two hour  drive back yesterday I realized that my mind (as we say “by heart”) has me remembering each segment of the landscape that I drive through. On the same subconscious level the repetitive doing of asanas trains us with Avita Yoga.

As we proceed through the movements I appreciate your sharing your knowledge as you speak to us while we are in the poses.

A very special thing happened on my trip to the Cabin this trip…I had so many plants packed in the car I completely forgot my clothes bag which had my gabapentin for my nervous system (peripheral neuropathy ). I had been taking it for  3 to 4 years now and lately had been weening myself from the drug. A week of not having it and aided by Tylenol at night, my new Avita Yoga, I find myself in a new state of cleaned health. The last two nights not even the Tylenol was needed. And best of all I find my mind, like the repetitive learning driving through the landscape I remember to stop and mindfully do a learned exercise that you have taught me.

I cannot thank you enough. Namaste, Philip

Greetings from DC where our stay-home quarantine has been extended to June 8! I’m happy to see you & Lori are doing well — I see when I stream your Avita Classes. Congratulations on all of the progress you have made during this pandemic with live streaming all the classes that you offer at Yoga Loft! It wonderful for me to continue my personal Avita practice and to experience the Orange & Red level classes as well.

I wanted to let you know that I started teaching Avita classes livestream about a month ago & now have taught 8 classes. I offer 2 classes a week to 4 to 8 students. So far the teaching part is going really well, even though I’m introducing Avita as a new practice. I’m feeling more comfortable teaching with each class. The feedback has been really amazing! Most, if not all, have commented to me about how “good” they felt after several classes, or have noticed some minor issues. I have given modifications. Everyone is excited for more classes. (I should also tell you that most of my current students have been practicing yoga for a number of years or did it earlier in their life.)  Jim, DC

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My best friend since college, Helene, who lives in Detroit,  just signed up for Avita Online. She has been an Iyangar teacher for over 30 years.  Her health issues for more than the last three years started with chronic shoulder/arm/neck pain (repetitive motion from playing classical guitar and bone spurs in the shoulder) and was followed by surgery two years ago after all therapies didn’t work. She has weakness on one side of her body (either from the shoulder or possible Parkinson’s). I have talked to her about Avita many times. I had hoped on her next visit she would come to class. I sent her a link to Avita Online this week and she signed up. She told me her neck and shoulder felt better after the first class! Of course it’s the long run that matters, but I am so grateful that you have made this possible. Estie

Thank you so much for adding the “levels” to the Avita classes! (Thank Lori for her red class demo!!)

I like having the ability to choose livestream or replays AND to mix in the Avita style with more traditional vinyasa, so it has been great that Yoga Loft affords those choices. I have been a yoga student for 20 plus years and stumbled on Kaiut (in all of its permutations) when it came to Boulder years ago. I was a bit bummed when Kaiut went to the “franchise” model, so Avita Yoga filled that niche for me. Recently, however, with the Avita classes, I felt like maybe I was just tuning in to “lite” classes (and I was questioning whether that’s all Avita offered was “lite”) so I was ecstatic when I realized you have different levels I can choose from. And also I am excited to discover I can get my Amanda and Mykel “fix” AND mix in lighter/deeper Avita sequences…. all in one place! Thank you for helping us all stay healthy. Sharyl

Three Different Levels of Avita Practice Green, Orange, and Red as share by Jeff Bailey, Founder of Avita Yoga