Spring is not only a time for cleansing, but a time for growth; and we all desire growth! As individuals, we want to advance in the world physically and emotionally as well as in the realms of education and occupation. Yoga’s beauty is that it incorporates many of our growth goals into its practice.

Another kind of growth, often overlooked and a bit harder to define, happens almost automatically when we come to our mat to practice. Yoga reveals an inner calm and joy, which is perhaps the only thing in the world that cannot be “grown” because it is already fully maximized in each of us. Most of us have glimpsed this joy and even felt its certainty, but then it seems to slip away. A consistent yoga practice removes the barriers to this presence and gently exposes an inner foundation that supports all other growth!

Like raking away winters debris to expose a budding flower garden, yoga generates an awareness that gently reveals the True Self. It doesn’t matter whether you call it intuition, certainty or joy. The feeling is palpable. Come grow with us!

Happy Spring!