Gurmukh Klema

Gurmukh Klema - YogaLoftBoulder Instructor- Kundalini Yoga

Experience and Background:

Gurmukh was raised with Kundalini yoga, as both of his parents taught for many years. He took up the practice on his own in his college years at CU Boulder. He has been teaching and practicing for over 10 years in Boulder and internationally. He is passionate about sharing kundalini yoga and meditation in a fun, educational, and inspiring way. His classes are fun, deeply transformational, and often include live music. Come stretch, breathe, move, chant, and meditate with Gurmukh.

Personal Philosophy:

I am passionate about living a balanced, healthy, and inspired life. I look for the beauty and opportunity for play and laughter. I like to dance and be spontaneous and creative. I like to learn new things and challenge myself. I love the teachings of Adyashanti, Eckart Tolle, Ram Das, Mooji, and Yogananda. I delight in the simple joy of being, remembering that my efforts as a yogi are only to be more relaxed and enjoy life more fully in each moment. Aside from that, I like to swim, hike, bike, play my guitar and sing, eat great food, and be in good company.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Gurmukh Klema?

Students can typically expect a blend of breath-work, yogic exercises, stretching, integrated body movement, live music, meditation, and deep relaxation. Students often leave class feeling clear, relaxed, renewed, and alive.

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