Healing Sound Bath ~ Satya is back!

Saturday, November 18

5:00 – 6:30PM

$20 General, $10 for Yoga Loft Members

Register in advance or at the door.

PranaSoundBath-Yoga-LoftJoin Satya Dubay, Prana/Qi and Sound Healing Practitioner, to bathe our Marma Points in healing light, and later breathe this light through the major meridians of our bodies, while immersed in the sounds of crystal bowls.


If you love Savasana, this event is for you, as you will be resting in this relaxed yoga pose, while listening to the resonance of the bowls and gently becoming more balanced and peaceful.

No experience necessary.

Satya Dubay, Prana/Qi & Sound Health Practitioner, completed the Five Year Qigong & Pranic Healing Certification at The Qigong School in Boulder in 1999 and further studied healing practices, including sound healing, with several healers and teachers throughout the years. She opened a private healing practice in 2000, seeing clients individually, and leading sound meditation & gigong classes.

She looks forward to bathing you in the sacred sounds of singing bowls, while gently guiding you deeper into your own inner being, and into the place of true healing.

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