Humility or Hubris?

I’ll choose the former. This is the third year in a row that Yoga Loft has been voted top yoga studio in Boulder. Thank you for your support. Votes do matter 🙂

I learned long ago the importance of consistently working on betterment from the inside out. If I wasn’t seeking a better way on the inside, then I was tempted to only look for it on the outside. Betterment cannot be measured, nor should it be. The outer is a reflection of the inner.

It starts with each of us as individuals. When humility guides us and not hubris (foolish pride and overconfidence) the world becomes a better place. It’s a way of seeing the world not just with our eyes, but with our chosen lens. Everyone, potentially the entire world, serves to benefit when we perceive with humility.

Like many businesses, Yoga Loft had to reinvent itself since COVID changed our lives in March, 2020. For better or worse, we all operated with the best information we had. Yoga Loft offerings went online as did our Avita Yoga Teacher Training. We’re continuing to adapt and bring what we do best to you, both in the studio and online. Stay tuned. Along with my wife Lori, our small, dedicated team of teachers and staff, we are committed to bringing you our best, humbly, from the inside out.
Thank you for you vote!

Jeff Bailey

Yoga Loft has been voted top yoga studio in Boulder third year running for Boulder County Gold