Jane Saltzman

Jane Saltzman, Avita Yoga Teacher-Instructor at Yoga Loft in South Boulder and Gunbarrel, Front deRanged improv
Experience and Background

Jane has been an avid yoga student for the past 20 years. Her interest in becoming a teacher came when Avita Yoga emerged. When Avita Yoga came into her life a more complete integration of the entire body with the profound benefit of meditation within the practice. No stone is left unturned and her once achy body that labored through each day has transformed into a comfortable, capable aging container that she no longer feels the need to protect.

Personal Philosophy

The practice of yoga, in all its forms, is a gift we give to ourselves.

What might a student experience in the classroom with Jane Saltzman?

This is a time to come together in an atmosphere that is both light-hearted, meditative and challenging.