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Life happens…and then somewhere along the way, the “happening” catches up to us and we find that our bodies don’t function with the same ease and comfort that they did in the past. No one can avoid the effects of time and gravity on the body, not to mention the injuries, both physical and nonphysical, and the compensatory patterns they generate in the body. What usually happens is we ‘chalk it up’ to old age and we justify our condition, but you don’t have to do that. A consistent Avita practice will reverse the effects of time on your body.

I’m no different. I’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of life and am grateful that I discovered yoga at the age of 22. It breathed fresh life into my body and soul, but a few decades later I found myself searching for ways to recover from a ski accident that severely impacted one of my hips. For the first time, yoga wasn’t solving my problem. Lying on my back in Savasana one day after yoga class, I willed a better way. I closed my eyes and, without attachment, I asked for a way to resolve my hip pain and fulfill my vision of providing yoga that could help more people, something that really works. The answer came through in the winter of 2015, and while I still have work to do, I now have a practice that has restored my sense of youth and transformed my understanding of health, fitness and our potential to heal and I’d like to share it with you.

My Background

I discovered yoga in 1986 in my hometown of Gunnison, CO. I remember walking out of my first class feeling as if I had taken my first full breath! I fell in love with the physical and spiritual intelligence of the practice of yoga and never stopped. I have a diverse background in the yoga traditions of Iyengar, Vinyasa and Yin. I have had wonderful and inspiring teachers along the way including those from my Rolfing training in 1993. I have also been an ardent student of A Course in Miracles since 1990, which has taught me that to really learn anything and live from creative Self, we must undo everything we think we know. Like many other paths, this is our yoga–to undo, in order to reveal our whole and happy Self.

This has been my inner process and journey that has led to the development and evolution of Avita Yoga®. It won’t seem like it at first, but Avita Yoga is a complete practice. It is a moving meditation that shows us what needs undoing. We use the body to lead us to a peaceful state of mind that is not temporary. It is a practice of inner self-reflection that uses physical shapes and movements, sometimes active, sometimes passive, to stimulate the body’s healing physiology and to access the healing power of the mind. Without a way to access the healed mind, we have nothing. In addition to the remarkable physical benefits that  Avita Yoga embraces the Perennial Philosophy (inspired in the Neo Vedanta and popularized by Aldous Huxley in his book by the same name) provides an all-inclusive approach to the practice which can be summed up with the following three attributes:

1) There is a Constant Love (a state of mind) that transcends a world of constant change.

2) This Constant is available to us all as a loving Guide that always has our best interest in mind.

3) It is the purpose of a lifetime to discover this shared Guide for ourselves (deep down, its what we want more than anything).

To uncover and experience the power and presence of this continuous Guidance (that sages have guided us to for thousands of years) requires us to undo the inner conflict that hides it. Avita Yoga is the gentle resolution of inner conflict on all levels. Avita is a moving meditation that heals in body and mind to reveal the power and presence of Self. There’s nothing like it.

What better goal could exist? It’s what makes Avita the yoga of a lifetime, for a lifetime.

I have always had an appreciation for the introspective power of yoga as a healing meditation – an element that naturally finds its way into my classes. I have found that with a curious, self-forgiving approach, yoga can heal almost anything if we are willing to use the body to get closer to the healing power of the mind…and as you heal the mind the body will follow.

Jeff Bailey Trainings, Certifications

I hold four yoga teacher certifications: two 200-hour, one 300-hour, and one 500-hour. I currently lead Yoga Loft’s Avita Yoga Teacher Training. As a trained Rolfer, I weave structurally integrative elements into my classes that have practical  applications in life. Yoga and the business of yoga is my dharma, a word that aligns us with practice and purpose. When we find something that works, we naturally want to share it and I have a LOT that I want to share. Along with my wife Lori, we are the grateful owners of Yoga Loft. We are the proud parents of our daughter Georgia, who attends Concordia College in northern Minnesota. Go Cobbers! 🙂

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