Jeff Bailey personally invites YOU to join the upcoming Avita Yoga Teacher Training.

Avita Yoga Essentials begins August 23, 2019.

Still a few spots left!

If you are a student of Avita Yoga, you know how powerful and helpful it is. Avita Yoga Teacher Training is the next step in understanding the theory and philosophy behind the Avita practice.

Avita Yoga meets the student where they are — and can bring quick results.


WHEN: August 23rd – December 9, 2019

WHO: Avita Teacher Training is for anyone who wants to deepen their Avita practice and feel more comfortable in body and mind.

WHY: Teacher Training will help you gain more insight into the pain and restrictions that have had a limiting effect on your body. Learn to unwind compensatory movement patterns and reorganize connective tissues that have caused ‘pain cycles.’

HOW: Learn how to truly let go — one of the biggest challenges for all of us! When we let go of a thing, a movement pattern or an idea, we actually set ourselves free.

“More tone, more integrity, a different kind of strength… One very important aspect of Avita is that all the little damaging things I felt in my muscles and connective tissue over the years from not only other types of yoga, but running and weights — I slowly started to feel melting away and resolving with the Avita practice. And that, along with the nervous system impact, has really gotten me hooked and keeps me coming back.” ~ Hadi, Avita Yoga Teacher Training alumnus