Julia Horn

Julia Horn - Masterclass Series Instructor Nov 17, 2018 Yoga Loft Boulder
Experience and Background:

Julia began yoga at an early age by crawling around on a practicing mama in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. This was the beginning of a life-long study and curiosity. In addition to her family and origin of birth, some of her most influential teachers along the way have been Genny Kapuler, Richard Freeman, Shri Dharma Mittra, Jack Kornfield, Kofi Busia, Sarah Powers, and Edward Clark. Julia performed worldwide as a principal member of the Yoga-Dance troupe Tripsichore Yoga Theater. Since then, she has become a teacher and choreographer of great merit. She taught and created original yogic performances for a world tour of Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Thailand, Paris, and Iceland. She is also a Graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts, and North Carolina School of the Arts. Her diverse performance background and small mountain-town upbringing infuse her teaching and performance with a rich, artistic, and nature-driven vision that inspires students of all levels. Julia specializes in teachers’ intensives, creative vinyasa flow, restorative/ yin/ therapeutic yoga, practices to foster the divine feminine, womens’ wisdom and seasonal alignment, wilderness and farm retreats, yoga for cancer care, pranayama, and meditation.

Julia Horn Handstand with rainbow in the mountainsPersonal Philosophy:

~ That every moment, breath, drop, blink, connection, wave, kernel, and question, contains within its very parameters, the seed of the infinite ~

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Julia Horn?

To pull the curtain- if only for a moment- to feel into, acknowledge, and deeply investigate, the inner streams of consciousness. Whether it be through lengthening fascial contractions, cobbling together structural integrity and strength, or quietly querying the mind, we will bear witness to that which is so subtle and nuanced, and in so doing, move out into the world with a deeper sense of self, a statuesque calm, and a beauty that extends beyond form, time, and space. In the shell of a nut, we will excavate, with reverence, the soils of the soul.

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