Lenni Ferren

Lenni Ferren (Duncanson) is an Avita Yoga Teacher at Yoga Loft in Boulder and Gunbarrel
Experience and Background

After a car accident in 2012 That left me with a chronic pain condition I thought that I had to give up almost every form of exercise that I loved including Yoga. I tried several different movement based practices including Pilates but nothing was quite working as everything was too activating for my nervous system. I eventually found my way to Avita Yoga and noticed a reduction in pain immediately.

As a psychotherapist who specializes in chronic pain and chronic illness I was drawn to this practice and wanted to know more about its benefits.The more I committed to the practice the more I begin to heal. I discovered reduction in pain levels and stress levels. There is no other movement based practice like Avita yoga that I have found that combines cognitive soothing with sensory motor tracking to help re-wire and change the brain and heal the body and nervous system! This is my why, my reason for practicing and teaching Avita Yoga!

Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy is that nobody is broken, we are all whole. Many of us are on a journey to rediscovering that wholeness.

What might a student experience in the classroom with Lenni Ferren?

I am a passionate supporter of others who are on their own healing journey and enjoy holding space, and assisting
as they as heal, learn, and grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.