Lisa Stevens

Lisa Stevens Avita Yoga instructor at Yoga Loft in Boulder as well as in Gunbarrel, CO

Experience and Background

I began practicing yoga in my twenties when I was living in Seattle and had an amazing teacher who really helped me to feel connected and peaceful. I had a regular yoga practice throughout my twenties, but then once I had my two children, it slipped away from me for quite a few years. Then after experiencing a chronic illness in my mid early and mid-thirties that limited my ability to do most physical activities, I kept hoping to one day get back into yoga. As my health started improving, I was looking for a more gentle type of yoga, and that’s when I found Jeff’s classes at Yoga Loft in 2016. From the beginning, I knew I had stumbled upon something different, and it really made a difference in the way I felt. I loved it so much that I decided to take the Kaiut teacher training in 2017. With a desire to keep expanding my knowledge of this practice, I also went on to complete the Avita teacher training at yoga loft in 2019.

Personal Philosophy

In my own life, I have learned how truly important self-care is. For me, Avita yoga has become a big part of my own self care, and I am happy to see that more and more people are also moving in this direction in their own lives. It has such a deep impact on our bodies and minds.

What might a student experience in the classroom with Lisa Stevens?

Students in Avita classes can expect many benefits, including learning to relax on a deeper level; better blood flow and mobility; and many times also reduction in pain.

On a personal level, I often have the intuitive ability to sense what others are feeling even if they aren’t saying anything. This guidance helps me to connect to students in a yoga classroom on a deeper level.

I teach Friday at noon in Gunbarrel, and you will also find me assisting Jane in the semi-private primer classes that take place in Gunbarrel on Tuesdays and Thursdays.