Liz Valli

Liz Valli

Experience and Background:

I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. In 2016, I moved to Boulder, Co to study holistic nutrition at the Nutrition Therapy Institute. I started practicing yoga about two years ago and I fell in love instantly. Yoga Loft was actually the very first place I ever consistently practiced Yoga. I couldn’t get over the beautiful view and amazing feeling I had walking out of class. In 2017, I received my Power certification as well as my Yoga Sculpt certification through Corepower yoga.

Personal Philosophy:

I am a kind, fun loving individual who is passionate about holistic health and yoga with weights. When I first discovered yoga with weights, I was ecstatic! Yoga with weights combines my passion for strength training and the wonderful breath to movement mindfulness aspect traditional yoga has to offer. I believe yoga with weights should be a physically and mentally demanding class, using the power of presence and breath to guide you through such a fierce and empowering workout.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Liz Valli?

When a student comes to my class they can expect an invigorating workout set to an awesome, upbeat playlist. I offer hands-on adjustments to help keep students in proper alignment so they can make the most of their workout. I always theme my class. That is probably the most important part of my class. I love to keep the yogic aspect alive. The power of presence is remarkable and can really completely change the course of your workouts.