Lori Kemmet

Lori Kemmet - Yoga Loft Boulder Instructor

Experience and Background:

I have taken yoga classes since 1992 when I met my husband Jeff Bailey – one of the most dedicated yogis I know. After opening Yoga Loft in 2012, I attended a Kaiut yoga teacher training in Toronto and traveled to Brazil to experience the yoga there. I completed two of Yoga Loft’s Vinyasa teacher trainings and in 2018 I completed the year long Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training offered at Yoga Loft. I will complete Yoga Loft’s first Avita Yoga teacher training in December of 2018. I love yoga. I love joining with others in this physical and mental way through the physical form. Avita Yoga offers me quiet mind while joining with others and a deep meditation. I have never experienced this in other forms of yoga and this is why I have chosen to teach Avita Yoga.

Personal Philosophy:

I am also a dentist and a seeker of health through mindful moments and healthy eating. We as a people and one mind must come back to the only truth we all know and that is love. It is the one constant that works every time. We have no neutral thoughts so why not choose love instead of fear. But because we are human this thought control can be challenging. Only I and only you choose how we think, no one makes us think a certain way. Please don’t give your power away. Choose love.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Lori Kemmet?

Expect to find youth in your body through the Avita Yoga unraveling process. I will be prepared for your class and to be mindful of your space on your mat. You come to yoga to heal and I fully intend to help you do that.

Connect with Lori on the web:

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