Marin McCallen

Marin McCallen - YogaLoftBoulder Instructor

Experience and Background:

Marin McCallen is a life-long student and natural teacher. Her deep enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge and benefits of yoga shines through in all of her offerings.

Personal Philosophy:

Marin’s own practice was a transforming force in her life, leading to deeper self-insight, increasingly healthy habits, and strength in body and purpose. Her evolution into teacher enforced her belief in yoga as a healing practice as she witnessed similar shifts in her students again and again.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Marin McCallen?

Marin approaches her teachings with reverence for the wisdom and tradition of yoga and with light-hearted humor and enjoyment of life. She embodies the natural curiosity of a traveler, and exudes a willingness of heart. Her teaching style is articulate, enthusiastic, present, grounding, and empowering. She remains a student, always expanding her studies and as a result is trained in many different modalities including vinyasa flow, yoga nidra, yin & restorative yoga.

After traveling, working and training around the world, Marin is happy to be home in her native Colorado. When she is not teaching classes & workshops, leading retreats or trainings, or on her mat practicing, you can find Marin adventuring through the southwest and beyond.