Master Class Series

Master Class Event Yoga Loft Boulder

A series of 5 classes, one Saturday afternoon a month from 2:00pm – 4:00pm, for the winter season.

This Master Class Series is a set of intensives created with the teacher in mind- or the deeper diving practitioner- that wants to unearth, invigorate, and inspire their sharing afield and/or their deepening within. Part asana, part lecture, contemplation and dialogue… each session will give ample opportunity to not only theorize and wax poetic about the various themes, but to actually live inside of the ideas and see how they express themselves in and among your body and your bones.

First Class: November 17, 2018
Master Class Series: A set of 5 intensives for teacher or practitioner

Recurring Class Times:
November 17, December 8, January 12, February 9, and March 9.

COST: $35 / $45.
Purchase individually- $35 for members or teachers/ $45 otherwise
or save and purchase all 5- $150 for members/$200
Attendance: You can attend as many or as few as you like.

>> This event is happening at our South Boulder location. <<


Workshop Teacher: Julia Horn

Julia Horn - Masterclass Series Instructor Nov 17, 2018 Yoga Loft Boulder

Description of 5 intensives:

NOV 17 • Constructing the Container:
Foundations, parameters, geometry, and shapes- this intensive looks at the structures we create to house our practice- because safety and intentionality are of utmost importance when opening up to what is strong and wild but often vulnerable and uncharted.

DEC 8 • Inverting the Shape:
Upside down and inside outside, this intensive playfully and intelligently addresses the mechanics of inversions and the psychology of turning things on their heads.

Masterclass Series Nov 17, 2018 Yoga Loft BoulderJAN 12 • All Things Heart:
Opening, pumping, and beyond, the heart is the wildest creature of them all… how to open safely and securely and addressing parallel patterning in the spine that can have everything to do with the armor we have erected for protection along the way.

FEB 9 • Assistance Please:
This intensive looks, in great detail, at the sheer mastery of giving (and receiving) the artful assist.

MAR 9 • Breath, Bandha, and Beyond:
The physical practice drops us off at the gate of the subtle body. Weaving in to our practice a dance with the invisible through pranayama, bandha and meditation can be that thing that catapults our consciousness to another level entirely.