Movement is Not Enough


Often times on my way to work, to teach yoga, I see elderly people walking and using a cane or walking sticks to help them move along. It is a fine form of exercise and a good reason to be outside enjoying the day. But beneath the activity, is a voice that says, “I need to keep moving. If I stop moving, I’ll lose my ability to move altogether.” The motivation? Movement today, will ensure movement tomorrow. The problem is that we walk and exercise in a way that accommodates and often reinforces the very patterns that contribute to the restrictions (in and around our joints). We move around the restriction (instead of through it like are meant to), which means movement alone will not increase mobility. If we want to remain mobile and youthful in our bodies for a lifetime, we need a way to identify and resolve the patterns and the rigidity they create.

Movement is not enough.


We have an endless foray of activities and methods to get fit, but very few that promote lasting mobility and health—both of which are the keys to restoring the energy and freedom of our youth.

In my 52 years of life and 32 years of yoga, never have I found such a complete method of practice as Kaiut Yoga. It clearly identifies the restrictions and the patterns that maintain them while simultaneously providing the “tools” to resolve them. Most feel benefits after one or two classes and once real freedom is felt, you just want more! Kaiut Yoga is taught in a way that accommodates all body types and all ages. As the restrictions are discovered and relieved, greater range of movement and comfort is experienced in the body and mind. With Kaiut Yoga as a regular practice, all of life’s activities can be experienced with more freedom of movement—including that casual walk down the street.

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