Mykel Salerno

Mykel Salerno - YogaLoftBoulder Instructor

Experience and Background:

I started doing yoga as a teenager in my parents basement to VHS tapes. I remember thinking it was really hard, well, because yoga is definitely challenging. As I got a little older, I kind of phased away from yoga a bit. I got back into yoga in my early 20’s, this time attending classes at an actual studio, and went head first. I decided to get my 200 hour yoga teacher certificate, graduating in February 2017. I continue to further my education by attending workshops and some of the workshops I’ve attended are: Intermediate Series, Finishing Postures, Inversion Series, Open & Strong Backbend Intensive, and Chaturanga 101. I am enrolled in a 16 hour training becoming certified in Restorative Yoga.

Personal Philosophy:

I would say I am pretty good fit to my sign; a Leo. I am energetic, quite optimistic, and enjoy any challenge someone is willing to throw my way. Although I can come off as shy or timid at first, I would define myself as the complete opposite. I like to take a moment to observe my surroundings, whether it’s people, a place, etc. before I jump straight in, but once I’m in, I’m dedicated. I believe everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, and I enjoy being their cheerleader towards their journey to confidence. I love letting people know how amazing they are wherever they’re at, because, well, they are! I think everyone should have a sense of optimism, try new things, be the bigger person, smile, even if it’s to someone you walk past going to the grocery store, it may make someone’s day! Always be able to laugh at yourself, don’t take yourself so seriously, after all, we are only human. Lastly, I think everyone should always strive to be their authentic selves. Who cares if anyone is judging you, you need to make yourself happy rather than worry about pleasing the world around you. Hard words to live by, but I think it’s worth it for everyone to at least try.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Mykel Salerno?

Students can expect to be challenged! Continually attending my classes can guarantee strength, flexibility, and maybe a bit of sweat. I enjoy encouraging my students to try new things, move a little further away from their comfort zone. The results of awe in themselves is worth it all! Also becoming more aware of their body. Noticing that maybe their left hip is way tighter than their right hip, noticing they’re not inhaling or exhaling completely, noticing if their holding stress in those places they feel the tension or tightness, and releasing it with the breath maybe the didn’t know they had. Maybe noticing they’re stronger than they thought, because I encouraged them to that next level. I feel there is a sense of mindfulness in my sequencing that really prepares my students for the challenge, or for the next step.