Offering Avita Online free of charge

Dear Yoga Loft Guests,

I hope you saw the previous post explaining the now obvious precautions that we can all take to flatten the curve and stay healthy, but the time has come to announce the pausing of yoga classes at Yoga Loft until March 31. Classes will resume on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

The decision came easily this morning as news about the severity of the virus came in. And while the ego loves to operate in extremes (panic on one end of the spectrum and complacency on the other) we can each take the road less traveled and think and operate from love, not fear.

This is why we practice!

We come to the mat not only for the body but for the mind! This is our time to put the practice to use and demonstrate forgiveness and compassion to ourselves (which is not selfish by the way) and let it come through in every prudent and helpful step we take. What a gift! Use the outer to get to the inner.

To quote Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
What do you want to see in the world? Happiness, joy, and peace?
Be it to see it.

There are no accidents, and there are no disasters unless we claim them to be. Like a monster in a dream, fear precedes the thing that we seem to be afraid of. Change your mind about the monster and it changes too. Can you see the trick the ego plays on us? This doesn’t mean we don’t take precautions and follow healthy advice for Love’s guidance comes in many ways.

Practice Avita Online at home with your best friend.This moment is the yoga of a lifetime! No yoga mat needed for the highest practice. Many however, including myself, appreciate a physical practice that reaches into the body as well as the mind to bring about positive change. I’ve been deeply inspired by yoga and I am continually grateful for the results it brings to us with relatively little effort! I have been working on an online program for nearly two years and now I know why.

The timing could not have been better and we will be offering Avita Online, free of charge, to our monthly unlimited members.

I know that many of you want to maintain your practice so now All monthly unlimited members will gain ongoing access to Avita Online. As long as you keep your monthly membership active you can now enjoy complimentary access to online classes whenever you want and wherever you go.

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But what about those who prefer other styles of yoga?

Other styles of yoga online will be offered very soon through Yoga Loft in Boulder, COWe have accelerated the production of video from several of our Vinyasa teachers and hope to launch next week (We suddenly have lots of time and space to shoot great video with our passionate and dedicated Yoga Loft teachers). Stay tuned. We plan to have all styles of yoga available online—all included in the monthly unlimited membership or to purchase individually.


I appreciate your understanding and any questions you may have as we all adapt to our changing world. Together we’ll reduce the impact of COVID-19 virus on our community and with loving guidance make the most of this time. Close your eyes and “look” around you. With love as your guide I’m certain that you will see opportunities abounding in this seemingly negative environment. Look. Find ways to make lemonade (you know the metaphor).

This is not an accident, it’s part of a master plan to bring us Home to the Love and Light that Is who and what we are.

Thank you and namaste,

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