It’s Movie Night! Sphere

People are reaching out, concerned about the state of our world and I thought of this movie as an example of our ability to heal in times of crisis.

Did you see Sphere starring Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, and Samual L. Jackson? It’s a science-fiction thriller about a special crew assembled to investigate what may be an alien spaceship thousands of feet below the ocean surface. The crew members struggle to remain clear and calm as each brings their back-story with them to the bottom of the ocean where they are tasked with researching this alien vessel where they are confronted with their deepest fears.

What follows is not a spoiler but a suggestion to change your perspective of the movie from one of entertainment alone, to one of self-healing (the inner movement toward peace of mind). Movies can save time if we watch them for their content, as well as their entertainment value.

Here’s the essence of the movie: It turns out the alien vessel is not something to be feared, but a sphere that represents the holographic nature of the mind. The thoughts of anyone who touch it are brought to life and projected into form. Their fear-thoughts are played out until they solve the problem—a riddle that we each must eventually solve where we realize it’s not the thing we fear but our fear-thoughts about it! At the end, when the crew finally makes it to the surface, they realize the beauty of what they have encountered. They agree, essentially for the first time in the whole movie, that no one would not nor could not believe their story and the liberating (awakening) experience they had. They determine that the world is simply not ready for the kind of freedom and liberation they now experience. The world may not be ready, but perhaps you are?

We have a Sphere! It’s called the mind, and like the characters in the movie, we are each naturally drawn to the mystery of it. This is the yoga of a lifetime and while things may seem particularly horrible right now, we are being presented with healing opportunities every single day—to examine our thoughts and forgive them no matter how scary, painful or sinful they may seem. No one can do this for you or to you. In fact, you’ve already succeeded and gleaned the benefits! Why stop now? Recount a time when you were afraid of something, maybe as a small child, and you changed your mind about it and the fear was replaced by love. Fear after all is not real, it is merely the absence of love.

The easy path is to look outside of ourselves and blame what we see for our fears and problems the same way the characters of the movie did, at first. If we are willing to change our minds and move toward consistent peace, then the outer things we seem to fear will point to the thoughts behind them (the ones that we can change). Be courageous and gentle with yourself. Let a Beloved (one who has succeeded before you) hold your hand along the way as you journey within and willingly observe the wounds, sorrows, laments, and irrational beliefs that keep you feeling separate, afraid, and alone. Look at them with the light of love and you will see they are not to be feared, but mended. These fear-thoughts are not who you are and so they disappear when forgiven. At any given moment, it only takes a little willingness to look below the surface so that when we “come back up” we are washed and cleansed a little bit more—free from yet another limiting thought.

This movie helps us learn that the outer is a projection of the inner. Wishing and wanting won’t help.

There’s golden peace inside your mind waiting to be found and brought to the surface where it can be shared with all. And the more you give it away, in the form of undifferentiated love, the more you get (love) in return because that is the nature of the mind. It reaps what it sows and if it were not for the difficulties we would not be able to see what needs to be mended. This is our highest yoga. As we change the cause (thought), the effect (form) will follow and now love begets love. Be patient. The mind receives what it gives and so we can each start by asking ourselves, as we peer out into the world,

what am I giving? Love or fear?

What purpose am I giving that thing that frightens me? Am I using it to heal or stay afraid?
The only truly rewarding journey is the inner one and it goes with us wherever we go as it did for the characters in Sphere. When it gets scary, ask for Love’s help. It wants to be found. And so we let Love show us the way no matter how scary things seem to be. You will succeed.