Dear Yoga Loft Guests,

Considering recent news about the global reach of Coronavirus, I am sharing the steps we are taking to curb the spread of pathogens within our walls at Yoga Loft to maintain peace and health in our Yoga Loft Community.Our dedicated cleaning crew, washes used yoga mats with a disinfectant spray and we launder bolster covers on a rotational basis.

What more we are doing:

To help insure your healthy visit to Yoga Loft we are increasing our cleaning and disinfecting procedure and will provide antimicrobial sanitizer throughout the studio.

Yoga Loft staff and teachers will encourage all patrons to wash their hands often and use hand sanitizers during their visit. Countertops and door handles will be wiped down throughout the day and thoroughly cleaned each night.

What you can do:

Mostly it’s all things we do to stay healthy regardless of the bug. If you feel the symptoms of cold or flu, the most helpful thing you can do for yourself and others, is to stay home and rest.

Drink plenty of water, eat well and imbibe in your favorite immune boosting remedy. While yoga can be very good for the immune system, sometimes a yoga pose can trigger a cough or a little water goes down the wrong pipe. Regardless of the reason, it’s always respectful to excuse yourself from the class to recover so others can enjoy their practice.

What we continually hear bears repeating: wash your hands often (include tips of your fingers and thumbs) and avoid touching your face. I also read a good article on the importance of cleaning your cell phone. Consider the things that touch your phone and you may be inspired to clean it with an alcohol/water solution periodically.

peace and health with Jeff Bailey adn yoga loft in times of the coronavirus

Bring a clean towel from home to place over sandbags, bolsters and mats. Some already take this precaution on a regular basis.

Most think of yoga as a physical activity, but yoga begins in the mind. Yoga joins, and while tiny invisible bugs promote separation, they can’t take our peace away without our permission. We may decide to avoid a handshake or a hug and that’s okay. Bodies can’t join, but minds do. A smile, a nod, a twinkle says it all—I’m ok and so are you.

Repurpose this “scare” from one of fear and separation to one of love and healing. We need wakeup calls! It’s ok to slow down. Reflect. Appreciate. Let love light your way.

Thank you and namaste,
Jeff Bailey

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