The long lost practice of Thanksgiving.

Sure it’s a feast and a time to be with family and friends but what about that word? We can “give thanks” too but what about being thankful that we can give? Listen carefully and you’ll hear the proverbial groan: I don’t want to be thankful for giving. I’m tired of giving. It hurts my brain to think about this stuff. I just want to eat and turn on the tv. That’s fine but you’ll be delaying the word that most clearly defines the one law of attraction.

Oh? Law of attraction? I want to know about THAT.

You can reduce all the chatter about the law of attraction down to one simple phrase: We receive what we give (not in form but in thought and mind). To put it in biblical terms, we reap what we sow. The problem is, we immediately think of behaviors and that we “get what we deserve.” We put it in a karmic framework and believe that if we do good, good will come to us and if we do bad, bad will come to us. While that may be true, there’s much more to it.

What if every thought I’ve ever had had an equal amount of power to produce action or form?

What if no thought was idle or insignificant?

What if the present moment was a sum total of all those thoughts where I also have the power to choose again and see a better way?

If that were true, how would I use this present moment? (And the next.)

How would I use my power of now?

Would I keep asking for something to change?

Would I keep asking for another material possession?

What’s behind those thoughts but lack and insecurity?

Because of the power of all my thoughts, if I really wanted a better way, would I not accept things exactly as they are? Can I take that much responsibility for my thoughts? To do so does not mean I have to take responsibility for what occurs in the world, but only for my perspective on them—for perspective is thought. And for this, I can be thankful. This is the practice of Thanksgiving.

I can be eternally grateful for my power and ability to take responsibility for my thoughts because every thought is given.

I simply cannot have a thought that I keep to myself, it only seems that way. They are all given! If I have a thought of hate, shame, or guilt, it is given. If I have a thought of forgiveness and acceptance, It is given. If I see through the lens of love, it is given. If that which is given is received, which outcome would I prefer? To be perfectly safe, why would I have any other goal but peace? Why would I want anything else? Why would you? And when I slip, I am once again reminded that I can choose yet again. Why? Because I receive what I give and for that I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂