Resolving Sciatic Pain

Almost everyone will experience some degree of sciatic pain in their lifetime. While anyone is prone to this annoying discomfort, it tends to be more predominant in those who sit a lot—drivers and desk workers, for example. The sciatic nerve exits the spinal cord at the lowest part of the spine around the sacrum and then travels through the hip’s “deep six” rotator muscles. Among these external rotators of the hip is a muscle called Piriformis. The sciatic nerve is often pinched by this muscle, which causes, you guessed it, Piriformis Syndrome.

Resolving Sciatic Pain sciatic nerve can impinge near the lower part of the spine or the hip’s rotator muscles. Because Avita Yoga is concerned with addressing the problem and not just the symptom (pain), we target not the muscle tightness but its cause. Many things can cause a muscle to spasm and tighten and, in this case, cause pain or tingling down the leg via the sciatic nerve. Chief among them is hip impingement at the level of the bone or the surrounding connective tissue. Sometimes there is an arthritic or degenerative quality in the hip that can, in turn, cause adjacent muscles to cramp or tighten.

Avita Yoga targets these problems, which have a relieving effect on the muscles.

Stretching the muscle may help resolve pain in the short term but not in the long term and certainly won’t address the deeper cause. Stretching muscles alone also come with risk, but that’s another story.

Avita Yoga and the specific shapes chosen in the miniseries will also target the problem if the origin of it is closer to the spine and sacrum. The same degenerative issues at the spine, combined with lack of movement in this part of the body, can lead to nerve impingement and radiating pain. Avita Yoga helps you regain all of your body’s motions from tip to tail, and where there is movement, there is health.

Enjoy this SCIATIC MINISERIES and if you find it helpful, consider taking care of the rest of your body in the same manner.

A little prevention can go a long way.

Namaste, Jeff

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