Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods - - YogaLoftBoulder Instructor

Experience and Background:

I began this body-mind exploration after I went through a very young cancer diagnosis…many complications and emotional challenges followed. I was pre-med at one time and eventually found myself working in hospitals and health clubs…on the off days I was training/running marathons. I hit a rut in my mid 20’s and lost myself and my connection to what was most important to me. AND then I received an opportunity that changed my life forever. I moved to Colorado with $50 and a $300 gift card…2 dogs, a cat and a full pick up truck! I met my mountain man a couple months later and we soon had a baby (that was never supposed to happen due to my past) on the way. This is my story of the ultimate “letting go”….to be free of all that held me back and open to receive. Practicing Yoga brought me back to mySELF…I listen, observe and grow every day…my students/children/friends/family are my teachers! I have been teaching Yoga for 9 years and credit many teachers…Richii Jai, Derise Diatta, Jason Bowman, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Amy Ippoliti, Amy Harris, Angela Grace, Diane Friedman, Janet Stone, Meghan Stockdale, Lori Glazebrook, Rob Loud, Matt Kapinus, Gina Caputo, Brandon Cox, and Sean Corne…to name a few…hahahaha!

Personal Philosophy:

My favorite quote…”Don’t think twice, it’s alright” by Bob Dylan. It reminds me to trust and follow my heart/intuition. So many times we doubt ourselves and worry about stepping out of the comfort of habit and we stay stuck. Maybe if we move from a place of compassion towards ourSELF we can give selflessly and with more freedom. Trust the process and practice…

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Sarah Woods?

5 Things Students Get in My Class… 1. Clear Alignment Cues with modifications for every type of student 2. Freedom to Explore the poses and their practice 3. Upbeat, positive, encouraging and compassionate flow with a touch of humor! 4. Energetic and hands on Assists 5. Hugs and Smiles are ALWAYS welcome.

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