Survey Responses from Our Loyal Community

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Here are some of the comments that tend to sum up the overall sentiment of the survey.

I like online…more than I thought I would.

I spend too much time on my computer already and don’t want to do a class this way.

Not enough space, too many distractions at home

Outdoor yoga

I’d rather be walking, gardening or drinking a beer. Thanks Jeff for asking,

Absolutely love the platform you are using for the videos and really like the new levels of Avita. It is so great to be able to choose a replay that focuses on areas in need of work/attention/love.

Thank you for all the work you did to get online classes up and running. This has been really helpful for me, as it freed me up from driving in from Westminster 3-4 times a week.

I’ve found a good rhythm every morning doing my own daily practice using Avita poses during this pandemic time. I look forward to returning to YogaLoft…probably when masks are no longer necessary.

I find a bazillion reasons not to do it. I’m very computer literate, but I’m having a hard time figuring out virtual yoga. I do need it. I’m 69 and have a creaky body. Having been a geek and physical klutz most of my life doesn’t help. I’m sure there’s a way to make this work, but I haven’t made it happen yet.

I am practicing every day and I prefer the replays because I can choose the times that work best for me (like I’m really busy…not) I think the replays are excellent. Personally, I feel supported enough just by listening to Jeff’s instruction throughout the sessions.

Wave your magic wand and tell the coronavirus to move along…for GOOD! I miss coming to the studio and being with my friends.

What I would like is a one-on-one coaching session available where (perhaps monthly) Jeff could monitor me going through several of a main shapes to help make sure I’m doing them “right”. Once a month check-in of 20-30 minutes? Click here for 30 and 60 minute private sessions

I like the replays because I can do them whenever I want especially after biking or swimming. I also like the 3 different levels. This practice has kept my sanity during this pandemic. My body and nervous system crave this practice.

I love practicing at home. I have kept up my regular practice and Avita Yoga continues to provide AMAZING benefits. I am so much stronger than I was 4+ years ago when I began. I’m now aware of more details in my muscles and attachments around my joints. So I am paying more attention to making sure those finer details are addressed in my practice…meaning asking all the fibers in my musculature are participating. My cats love my mat and often have to be disrupted in their napping as I change positions. My cat was under my legs the whole time my legs were up the wall. Health is a group effort!!! I love that Avita online is available and I am more committed than ever. It has improved my rock climbing. Now I must commit to more hiking. Namaste

I live in Alexandria, VA. I’ve been to the South Boulder Yoga Loft when visiting my daughter Beth in Boulder. She told me about the online classes a few months ago. I had trouble with the streaming classes – that irritating circling image going nowhere! – and was delighted when replays were offered. Plus, with the 2-hour time difference, replays offer great flexibility. Beth introduced me to Avita – very glad about that – and now I do one Avita and one Vinyasa each week. I’m 76. Maybe I should be adding one more day of Avita each week, but this is working well right now. Actually, I’m surprised I’ve stayed with this routine. It helps that I coordinate the replays with Beth. We agree on a class and a time, and that commitment is what has kept me in this routine. I am grateful, thanks to Yoga Loft, that I’m able to maintain even this gentle practice. Thank you.