Teacher Trainer Bios

Teacher Trainer Bios

Jeanie Manchester – 300 hour Trainer

geanie-manchesterJeanie Manchester brings more than 30 years of dedicated practice, deep study, teaching and sharing onto the mat and into the world. An ERYT 500-hour certified yoga instructor, Jeanie’s inspiration and influence stems from a strong lineage of celebrated teachers, including Dr. Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton, Richard Freeman, John Friend and Paul Muller-Ortega. Jeanie’s own studies include the disciplines of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara (certified) yoga, Neelakanta Meditation, and the Shri Vidya Goddess Wisdom of South India. With a background that weaves modern dance, yoga, meditation, storytelling and spiritual teaching into her work today, Jeanie brings a sense of true mastery that empowers her students toward physical and spiritual growth. With the Colorado mountains, husband and two children as daily inspiration, Jeanie wears her various hats with humor and joy and brings a sense of lightness into the depth of her teachings and work.

Check out Jeanie’s yoga retreat in Italy


Patrick Montgomery – 300 Hour Trainer

patrick_for_webPatrick Montgomery’s steady pace, creative sequencing, clear cues and personal encouragement help students move deeper into their body with greater awareness.  Take his class and you’ll get a revolutionary look at alignment and flow, explore peak postures and deepen the conversation about how yoga’s teachings on topics such as love, acceptance or spiritual recognition relate to our everyday lives.

Patrick has been teaching for 14 years. He taught abroad in Sydney, AU and Ubud, Bali, where he realised his heart was at home in Colorado and got clearer about what “success” meant to him as a yoga teacher. He feels most fulfilled as an everyday, local yoga teacher. He adores the familiar faces of students who show up, week after week, to make progress on their path of yoga.

Patrick is an accomplished teacher of yoga teachers. He is part of Kindness Yoga’s teacher training faculty and has led trainings and workshops globally.  He has taught on several 200 and 300 hour programs. Known for his intelligence, organisational and creative problem solving skills, Patrick formulates well-rounded curriculums with a reverence for the tradition of yoga that truly prepare aspiring teachers to become successful yoga professionals.

His classes integrate several styles of yoga:  deeply rooted in Ashtanga vinyasa, his classes flow with the breath and transition with elegance; integrate alignment principles primarily based on the Anusara® method which he was certified in 2008; and include many modifications and the skillfulness of Iyengar.

Patrick is a dedicated student who has taken seven teacher trainings and countless workshops including Ashtanga teacher training with Richard Freeman, the path to Anusara® certification with Cindy Lusk, Jeanie Manchester, John Friend and Amy Ipolliti, and continues to refine his own practice and evolve his approach to yoga education at YOGAMAZÉ with Noah Maze. He is a dedicated student of Rajanika Tantra with Dr. Douglas Brooks and his yoga classes are richly woven with mythology and philosophy. Patrick bows with gratitude to the great teachers who have guided him on his path.

Practice with Patrick online at www.YogaDownload.com

Find public classes and trainings at www.patrick-montgomery.squarespace.com

Jeff Bailey – 200 Hour Trainer

jeff-baileyJeff Bailey discovered his first Iyengar yoga class in his hometown of Gunnison, CO in 1986. While he has studied many forms of yoga, Iyengar Yoga gave him an appreciation for the physical and mental benefits that come through detail and time.  Jeff has a 200 hour yoga certification through the Eldorado Ashram and a 200 hour yoga certification through Yoga Works. He has studied with a variety of teachers over the years which gives him a diverse understanding of yoga and a teaching style that gives students time to integrate and learn what each pose has to teach. Jeff is particularly happy to be involved in a years-long Kaiut Yoga training. This incredibly healing form of yoga is weaving its way into his teaching, and into his life and practice.

As a trained Rolfer, Jeff has a practical understanding of anatomy and physiology. He enjoys sharing these more academic elements of a yoga training in an experiential manner. In this way, the body becomes a “classroom” to integrate the knowledge so students can authentically share it later with others. Jeff enjoys teaching anatomically inspired yoga to the students during the training.

Jeff brings his passion for the deeper spiritual element of yoga to the class through small and large group discussions. Jeff co-authored The Yoga Mind — The Yoga Sutras According to A Course in Miracles. Two paths, one shared message, The Yoga Mind brings these two timeless traditions together in a practical way that helps bring deeper meaning to the practice. While other books on the Yoga Sutras are encouraged, each student will receive a free copy of The Yoga Mind.

Yoga is Jeff’s passion. It has been a gift that has shaped his life in countless ways. As owner of Yoga Loft, Jeff also enjoys sharing insights from the business of yoga. If you have any questions for Jeff about this training please feel free to contact him at jeff@yogaloftboulder.com

Marcia Solomon – 300 hour Guest Teacher

marcia_garden1Marcia’s particular area of interest and expertise is the study and teaching of Sanskrit to give context for a meaningful yoga practice. She holds a B.A. in philosophy and cultural anthropology, an M.Ed. in education, and has completed the two-year program in Sanskrit offered @ Naropa University. She continued to study grammar and translation with Vyaas Houston, founder of the American Sanskrit Institute, and most recently completed a two-year immersion/training in Vedic chanting through the Vedic Chant Center(Santa Fe).

Marcia has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for 40 years. She first began her studies of Sanskrit and hatha yoga in Canada in 1977, with Swami Vishnu Devananda (founder of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams) and remained a close student of his for 15 years until his death. She opened and co-directed the Santosha Yoga Center (Ottawa, Canada) and not long after that began traveling to study Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. In 2004, Marcia moved to Boulder to continue her studies with Richard Freeman at the Yoga Workshop.

All this adds to Marcia’s well-rounded knowledge of jnana, karma and bhakti yoga and is reflected in her kind, accessible and comprehensive teaching style. Let Sanskrit come alive for you!

Heather Baines – 300 hour Guest Teacher

heather_edited_web-100-brightHeather is an Advanced Practitioner of Ayurveda in Boulder, CO offering family and general Ayurvedic care at Roots of Wellness Ayurveda. Heather provides individualized care using the healing power of plants, profound self-care, optimal lifestyle choices, and diet modification.

In October 2014, Heather founded Roots of Wellness Ayurveda in North Boulder with Terra Rafael, her teacher of striroga (Women’s Health). In May 2014 she graduated from the first 4-year advanced program of Ayurveda offered in the United States, Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula, with over 4000 hours of Ayurvedic studies and clinical practice, and earned recognition by NAMA www.ayurvedanama.org as an Advanced Practitioner of Ayurveda. While at Alandi she held the position of Pharmacy Director for the Clinic and Gurukula for two years, and is currently awaiting finalization of the NAMA designation of Ayurvedic Doctor.


Asha Wolf – 300 hour Guest Teacher

asha-wolfAsha Wolf DPT, CMA, E-RYT holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is a Certified Movement Analyst through the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies. A certified yoga instructor since 1992, Asha leads a variety of yoga workshops, anatomy courses, and yoga trainings and classes in Boulder, CO and throughout the United States. Asha is the director of Wolf Physical Rehab, specializing in aiding patients with chronic pain issues and injury rehabilitation using yoga as the primary modality of treatment.

Asha is gifted with a keen eye and an intuitive understanding of body kinetics and energy, allowing her to help others access their own body’s wisdom and follow it in to healing. In addition to her yoga courses and her private practice, she enjoys offering yoga inspired equine interactive retreats and is author of Salads Make Me Happy: Romping through the Raw.



Cindy Lusk – 300 hour Guest Teacher

cindy-luskCindy Lusk, Ph.D., has been a student of yoga for over 25 years. She studied Ashtanga yoga with Richard Freeman and Pattabhi Jois, and began her teaching career at the Yoga Workshop in 1994. There she met John Friend, became a certified Anusara teacher in 2002, and was a leader in that community for many years. Cindy is also an avid student, and teacher, of yoga philosophy. She has studied extensively with leading tantric scholars Douglas Brooks and Paul Muller-Ortega. With the latter she is currently immersed in advanced studies of philosophy and meditation.

Her teaching reflects her love of tantric yoga philosophy and meditation, grounded in her many years of practice and study, in addition to being precise and light-hearted.  Her students feel supported and report that her teaching has transformed their experience of yoga and of their lives.




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