In a New State of Cleaned Health

One of my close friends, Philip, sent me this thoughtful email after only 3 classes. He gave me permission to share this with you (below). I am humbled & grateful.

Thanks expressed in mere words are not adequate for the gratitude I have now experienced after three sessions of Avita Yoga.

To learn the methods by attending your classes, slowing down the mind and body to truly listen all the way down from the mind through the muscles, nerves and bones… all this is life changing.

A very special thing happened on my trip to the Cabin this trip…I had so many plants packed in the car I completely forgot my clothes bag which had my gabapentin for my nervous system (peripherial neuropathy). I had been taking it for 3-4 years, and now am weening myself from the drug. A week of not having it and aided by Tylenol at night, my new Avita Yoga, I find myself in a new state of cleaned health. The last two nights not even the Tylenol was needed. And best of all I find my mind, like the repetitive learning driving through the landscape I remember to stop and mindfully do a learned exercise that you have taught me.

I cannot thank you enough .