Live Stream Avita is a Beautiful Thing

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the heads up on time change to M, W, F classes. I’m looking forward to an earlier start! midst all the swirling happening on the planet right now I think it’s a beautiful thing that you and Lori are working together to Live Stream Avita. It’s very fitting that she is demonstrating as you teach. I hope you are getting excellent feedback from other students. Please let me know if you need any assistance in any way. I assume Pippa is there supporting Admin duties.

If you think of something I can do, please reach out to me. I am into the 4th intense week of figuring out and keeping afloat my business. Avita practice has been a much needed and nurturing self care component.

I am very grateful to you for providing the practice, words of wisdom and heart centered encouragement. You are providing a vital service to so many and it’s such a gift.