Loving the Avita class levels!

Thank you so much for adding the “levels” to the Avita classes! (Thank Lori for her red class demo!!) I almost emailed you last week to ask if you could point me to specific Avita replay classes that moved a little deeper than the basics. I was missing practicing Kaiut sequences where I felt the work deep into the center and the joints.

I like having the ability to choose livestream or replays AND to mix in the Avita style with more traditional vinyasa, so it has been great that Yoga Loft affords those choices. I have been a yoga student for 20 plus years and stumbled on Kaiut (in all of its permutations) when it came to Boulder years ago. I was a bit bummed when Kaiut went to the “franchise” model, so Avita/Yoga Loft filled that niche for me.

Recently, however, with the Avita classes, I felt like maybe I was just tuning in to “lite” classes (and I was questioning whether that’s all Avita offered was “lite”)…so I am excited to discover I can get my Amanda and Mykel “fix” AND mix in lighter/deeper Avita sequences…. all in one place!

Thank you for helping us all stay healthy.