Uxia Ellerby

Uxia Elleby - yoga teacher, Vinyasa, Yin

Experience and Background:

Uxia is a masterful teacher who considered her 500 hour teacher training years ago, just a “warm up.” Uxia is a deeply devoted practitioner, yoga therapist and advocate of the healing power of yoga for everything from stress to illness. After traveling the world to study with the yoga masters who most challenged and enriched her personal practice, Uxia gave up her long career as a senior executive in the fashion world, and became a full time professional yoga teacher. Uxia has taught for spiritual centers, hospitals, and leading yoga studios in Spain, Mexico and the USA. She has customized courses for the elderly, children, and people with a range of disabilities, as well as for advanced practitioners. Uxia teaches in English and Spanish, and is known for her clear, easy instructions, creative and well planned sequences, and her attention to breath and the subtle energy moving in each student.

Personal Philosophy:

I am a dedicated and passionate person by nature and I bring my full attention and best qualities to whatever I do: I treat every class I teach as special and important. For me, teaching yoga is an honor. I understand the power that yoga has to change peoples lives or just to improve their day. The chance to share yoga´s gifts feels like my life´s purpose. I am so fortunate that I can do what I love, so I really take time to prepare every class with care. I believe in the spiritual core of yoga – the power of breath, meditation, mantra, mudra and all the subtle ways to move the energy of the body and elevate the consciousness of the world. In yoga, each practice is very personal, but the impact is greater than what we understand or see. I know in my heart that yoga can save a life and help to change our society for the good of all.

What Might A Student Experience in Class with Uxia Ellerby?:

Students should expect to practice in a way that draws their attention to absolute present moment. We pay a lot of attention to breath and learn to listen to our bodies. My classes are not meant to showcase anyone or feed the ego in any way. Fast or slow, my style is about helping people build a lasting, intimate relationship with their heart, minds and bodies. I keep my sequences creative and challenging, but I always encourage students to listen to their bodies and go at their own pace. Students should also consider attending with an open mind to aspects of yoga sometimes forgotten, such as an OM at the beginning and end, and more attention to intention, energy and sometimes, depending on the class, detailed practices like mudra and mantra.

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